2011 Camaro GT.R by the Numbers Powered by Katech Motorsports



  1. For the 2011 Grand-Am Rolex GT Series Katech supported 3 Chevrolet Camaro GT.R teams
  2. There were 12 races on the 2011 Grand-Am calender
  3. In 11 months time Katech produced 21 LS3 GT.R engines which were used to support all dyno development and validation as well as all car tests and races
  4. 1 person assembled all of the engines, Katech’s very own Senior Builder Dean Pelletier
  5. There are 61 parts manufactured by Katech used in the build and operation of a each LS3 GT.R engine
  6. The Katech engines in the 3 Camaro GT.Rs ran approximately 27,000 carefree miles with the only failure being a burnt spark plug wire in a practice session
  7. For the 2011 season the Chevrolet Camaro GT.Rs finished on the Podium 9 times, achieved 4 wins and 3 2nd places
  8. At the end of the season General Motors had captured it’s 1st Rolex GT Manufactures Championship in the 8 years that has been competing in the series

Stats compiled by Kevin Pranger of Katech Motorsports


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