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CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Katech now offers its popular cast aluminum, CNC-machined valve cover design for the Gen V “LT” small-block V-8 engine, as well as complementing coil relocation brackets, to enhance the underhood appearance of 2014+ Corvettes, 2016+ Camaros and 2014+ Chevrolet and GMC full-size trucks and SUVs.

More than stylish, the raised design of the covers provides clearance for high-performance valvetrain components such as larger valve springs and rocker arms. They are also designed with easy access to the cover fasteners without removal of the ignition coils.

“Katech’s Gen V valve covers build on the functional design and style introduced with our original LS-series covers,” said Jason Harding, director of aftermarket operations, Katech. “Gen V valve covers feature an edgier design with sharper corners, mimicking the design evolution from the more rounded C6 Corvette to the well-defined lines of the C7 Corvette.”

The new Gen V covers, which list for $429.99, are CNC-machined in-house at Katech and are offered for wet-sump (with fill hole and Mobil 1 oil fill cap) and dry-sump (no oil fill provision) applications, and include the fasteners, gaskets and necessary fittings. They are also offered with slots designed to accept machined inserts (sold separately). Katech-logo inserts are offered and customized inserts are also available.

Additionally, custom powder coating is offered, allowing customers to tailor the color of the covers to the paint scheme of their vehicle.

The available coil relocation kit ($229.99) enables the coil pack to be mounted above the valve cover, for a custom appearance that puts the gorgeous valve covers on full display. Katech offers MSD plug wires ($55) for a tailored fit with the relocated coils and a spark plug boot insulator sock ($6.99/each) for added heat protection.

Katech’s new valve covers join a growing list of engine parts and engine performance packages for the Gen V LT series, as well as complete engines, including the 700 hp, naturally-aspirated Street Attack 427 engine.

About Katech

Katech was founded in 1977 by Fritz Kayl and Warren Frieze and continues to offer innovative products and cutting edge technologies in the areas of racing engines, race program support, prototyping, testing, R&D, manufacturing, high performance parts and vehicle modifications for street and track. For more information call 866-KATECH1 or visit  Follow Katech:, Instagram: @Katech_Inc or Twitter: @KatechInc

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The Katech 550 Engine Package













Tested Performance, Proven Power


Going to the track on a budget but can’t afford nor want to sacrifice the power plant of your race day car? No need to worry because Katech has you and your team covered. The Katech Engineering and Motorsports team have been hard at work designing, developing and testing the newest addition to Katech’s engine package lineup and are proud to present the new “Katech 550 Engine Package.”


The Katech 550 Engine Package goes far beyond the developed and precisely tweaked 550hp 6.2L LS3 and delivers more than just an assembled engine to its new owner. The 550 Engine package brings only what a select few in the world can offer at the price you can afford. Don’t make the mistake of letting this great price fool you. Behind the Katech 550 Engine is over 30+ years of master engine building, designing, development and testing experience.


Power and durability is the heart and soul for the Katech 550 Engine Package and the Katech Engineering and Motorsports Team wanted to give it the spirit of affordability. Using every bit of our knowledge, we rigorously tested the Katech 550 Engine Package to make sure it would meet Katech’s relentless demands by passing through our multiple engine dyno cells and durability programs which are second to none worldwide. You may ask, “What are these durability programs Katech uses or why are they significant?” Well for starters, the 550 utilizes Katech CNC-ported cylinder heads with a matching valve train and was tested in the Katech Motoring Cell #1. Katech knows valve train is a critical system in any performance engine which is why Katech used every bit of the 7500+ RPM Cell #1 to make sure the 550’s valve train would prove stable and reliable. No corners were cut when the 550 faced Katech’s validation test. Twelve drums of fuel and 20 hours later, the 550 had passed validation on the Katech dyno while running the simulation of the 24 Hours of Daytona. Why Daytona? The track has great advantages for validation testing with its extended power pulls between the bus stop chicane thru the NASCAR turns three and four back to turn one and then blasting at wide open throttle.


To meet the Katech standard, an engine package must not just survive the demanding validation testing, it also must survive inspection. After tear down and all components passing inspection (Katech even considered reassembling the engine to run additional hours), not only did this package meet the Katech standard, it exceeded them and is why it has been named “The Katech 550 Engine Package.” By now you must be asking, “What is the price of the 550?” Well, Katech is over-joyed to announce the price of the fully validated, dry sump 550 Engine Package at $17,999! Power and reliability all offered with affordability and no sacrifices. Inquire today so you can be racing tomorrow with the 550 as your driving force and remember, the Katech Engineering Department will bring you the data and design you desire while the Katech Motorsports Department delivers you the support all the way to the finish line!

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Street Attack 500 with Torquer cam – 640hp/671ft-lbs NA!

Fresh off the dyno is this Street Attack 500 engine. A Torquer LS7 110 camshaft was chosen to keep it very drivable. It’s camshaft-limited in power, but torque is through the roof at 671 ft-lbs.

Street Attack 500
RHS block with piston squirters, main and head studs
Forged crank/rods/pistons
Torquer LS7 110 camshaft
WCCH-ported heads with bronze guides
Ti/Mo intake valves/LS7 exhaust valves
FAST LSXR intake with NW102mm TB
ARE Stage 3 with Katech red pump


Street Attack 500 engine dyno

Getting ready to go back in the car:

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Katech now manufactures remote clutch bleeder kits for the C5 Corvette.  Our C6 bleeder has been very popular and customers have commented on the quality over other units so we decided to make one for the C5 Corvette also.  The kit fits 1997-2004 Corvettes and allows you to bleed the clutch from under the hood, rather than the very difficult position of under the car.  It also makes for a great way of flushing out your clutch hydraulic system and completely exchanging the fluid, prolonging clutch hydraulic system life.  The bleeder is a great addition to our LS9X and LS9R clutch kits now available for C5.

Order online:

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These new Katech Performance logo hooded zip up jackets are soft, comfortable, and great for cool spring weather.

-Sublimated print design
-Fleece inside
-Zip up front with pocket
-Hood with print inside
-Very comfortable
-Available in sizes S-3XL (runs on the large side)
-Made in the USA!

This first batch is going fast. Our second batch will be due in late April.

Order online:

View our complete line-up of 2012 apparel here:

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New Katech LS9X & LS9R clutch for C5 Corvette

The long-awaited C5 Corvette LS9X and LS9R clutch kits are being assembled and will ship by early next week.  Price for the LS9X is $1899.99 and the LS9R is $1999.99.  See the links below for more information and to place your order.

Order online:


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Katech’s Video Pick of the Week

Come inside to view our favorite video of the week. The video features a C5 Corvette with a Track Attack LS7, make sure to watch and feel free to comment!

Katech-powered Corvette sets track record at Paul Ricard


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Katech transportation special. $500 off! Get your car to Katech for less.

Katech is having a special on enclosed vehicle transportation to our facility for vehicle modifications.  From now until 12/31, Katech will pay the first $500 of your transportation costs to our facility for standard vehicle packages over $5000.  It can be used with any transport company, but we have preferred companies we work with to get the best rates and treat your vehicle right.
-Must be for standard vehicle packages listed on our website
-Must be over $5000 invoice of standard package work not including freight
-For new builds scheduled between 12/19/11-12/31/11.  The transportation may occur shortly after, but it must be booked within those dates.

For a quote call 866-Katech1 or email

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Katech belt tensioner/Halltech intake sale – OVER $100 in discounts/give aways

From now until 12/31 if you purchase a Halltech Yellow Jacket Camaro air intake system and a Katech billet belt tensioner you get 10% off the total PLUS a $50 Katech gift card. That’s $102 savings! The Katech gift card will come to you via email and can be used on future purchases for up to 6 months.

Use the coupon code Halltech1.

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NEW! Katech Carbon Fiber Rear Decklid With Lexan Window

Just released at the PRI show, Katech’s new carbon fiber rear decklid combines good looks with massive weight savings.
-33lb weight savings
-Comes with window installed, ready to bolt on
-3 finishes available
-Retains hinges, latch, and lift support
-Includes carbon fiber longitudinal brace
-Only requires one decklid support
-Ships truck freight


1 Primered top and bottom, ready for prep/paint
2 Race quality carbon – carbon exposed top, carbon exposed bottom with some blackout
3 Show quality carbon – completely exposed carbon top and bottom


Made to order. Please allow 5 weeks for delivery.


Decklid assembly with window
Primered $2999.99
Race carbon $3299.99
Show carbon $3699.99
Decklid only – install your own window (for professionals and ambitious do-it-yourselfers)
Primered $2299.99
Race carbon $2599.99
Show carbon $2999.99

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Katech Motorsports 24 Hour Shirts

New Katech Motorsports 24 Hour shirts commemorate all of Katech’s 24 hour victories.  On the front it says “We Don’t Win Dyno Competitions, We Win 24 Hour Races”.  On the rear it has the Katech Motorsports logo and all of Katech’s 24 hour victories.  Available in black, sizes S-3XL. $12 for S-XL, $14 for 2XL/3XL.

Order online

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New Katech Performance Spark Plug Wire Insulators

Used by the Camaro GT.R and World Challenge CTS-V.R race programs to protect spark plug wires from header heat. Now you can have the same product for your car. Sold individually.

Order online: 

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New Katech Performance spark plug wires for LS engines

We now have our Katech Performance wires that were made for coil relocation kits available for cars with stock valve covers and coil brackets.

Katech Performance spark plug wire sets feature 600 degree F boots, 40ohm/ft silicone wire, heat sleeve in your choice of four exciting colors, and heat shrink on the boot ends with Katech Performance logo at the bottom.

Order online:

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Katech Value 427 LS3 Update – 605HP/575FT-LBS!

We have wrapped up durability testing of the new Value 427 LS3 engine that will replace the old Value 427 LS2, Value 402, and Value 416.  We learned some surprising things during the durability test that we will be sharing in the future, a result of which has brought a more durable package to the table that is offered nowhere else.
































The first few engines are being assembled now and we are taking orders.  The engine will be sold in a short block form, or if you want us to take the build further we can build a long block or complete engine.  We have developed a camshaft that has met the power goal of 600hp and will be the standard for Value 427 long block and complete engine packages.  Above you can see the dyno graph from our testing.  These figures were reached with the production intake manifold, so gains could be greater with a FAST manifold.


For more information or if you would like to place an order, please email us.  Stay tuned for more detailed information on exact pricing.

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Katech Fuel Rails by FAST

In cooperation with FAST, Katech has a new billet fuel rail system for the FAST LSXR 102mm intake manifold anodized in a glossy black with Katech/FAST logos.













-Fits FAST LSXR 102mm intake for LS3/L76/L92/L99/LS7
-Includes two -8 fittings for fuel rail crossover, one -6 fuel feed, and one plug
-Works with Katech billet fuel rail installation kit
Order online: 

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NEW Katech Performance Logo T-Shirts only $8*!

We now have the new Katech Performance logo t-shirts available in white and black.  Sizes from S-3XL.  Even though cotton prices have doubled since the last time we ordered t-shirts, we were able to make this great deal and keep the price the same as before.  S-XL are $8 and *2XL/3XL $10.  These are not cheap shirts either.  These are Gildan 5.3oz heavy cotton.  Even though I wear these shirts every day to work and have washed them many times, they still hold up well.  That is why when I reordered the shirts I made sure to order the same Gildan 5.3oz as before.  At $8 a piece they are a great shirt at a great price.  You can buy a couple and not break the bank.  Buy for a friend.  Or it makes a great inexpensive stocking stuffer for a family member.

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Katech announces new aero parts for the base C6 Corvette















Katech is now building aero parts for the base model C6.  We have a front splitter and side skirts now available.  The rear spoiler we have been selling fits this model also.  Splitter and side skirts are available in carbon or fiberglass.  Pricing has been set and a pre-order started on our website here:

CF Splitter:  


FG Splitter: 


CF Side skirts: 


FG Side skirts:

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Katech’s new website launches 9/10/11.

Katech’s comprehensive website redesign is launching on 9/10/11 and features detailed descriptions from the four departments – Engineering, Motorsports, Performance and Manufacturing.

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