Customer Spotlight – Guy Burkhart

Fifty-Year Friendship Inspires Texan’s Track Attack Participation



Name: Guy Burkhart

From: Richmond, Texas

Car: 2005 C6 Corvette


Guy Burkhart said he was the most peculiar guy on the track at this year’s Track Attack. While we didn’t find him that peculiar, we did find him to be very unique and at the event for a very personal reason: to honor the memory of his childhood friend.


When Guy was eight years old growing up in Texas, he lived on the same block with Jim Wey, who was 10 years his senior. Jim, as a teenager, was interested in drag racing, and when Guy would hear Jim fire up his drag racecar, he would run next door to see what Jim and his friends were doing.


“I blame him for sucking me into horsepower!” said Guy. “We were friends from the time I was eight until he passed away two years ago when I was 58. We were just buds.”


Over the years, he and Guy shared a love of performance vehicles and performance driving, and their friendship grew. Guy became Jim’s tow truck driver and mechanic, while Jim drove in events. Eventually, Jim bought a 2005 C6 Corvette to which Katech made modifications, as well as to an SS Trailblazer. A short time after taking delivery of his Corvette, however, Jim became ill to the point that he could no longer drive his C6.



“He liked to go to events – he could navigate,” said Guy, “but I became his driver, and the car lived at my house. Basically, Jim was the ‘daddy’ watching his car perform. He would sit out here and watch and listen while I would blast around the track.”


When Jim passed away two years ago, his children came to Guy and said they knew that the car was at its proper home (his), exactly where it should be, exactly as their father wanted, and gave ownership of the Corvette to him.

He said he feels compelled to keep the tradition going, so he returned to Track Attack this year to honor the memory of his lifelong friend.


“I’ve just always been a horsepower fanatic,” Guy said. “[I’ve] never really been able to race – I also promised that I wouldn’t – so I just like to come to track events and throw the car around. I’m not racing, so I’m not breaking my promise, and my wife understands that.”


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