Design & Analysis

Concept to Product

The first step in any new product is design proposal.  The historic approach of building and testing has yielded some good designs and some sub optimized designs.  What no one would disagree with is the historic product development approach is time consuming and expensive.  A design in which has been analyzed using the appropriate tools will result in the first sample being very close to the final product.


Katech is often contracted by our corporate customers to develop internal engine components years ahead of potential applications.  The first Aurora Indy engine was literally a clean sheet of paper concept which ended up dominating the series.  The XV16 show car engine went from design concept to a running engine in seven months.  When the design comes from inception to the finished product, the spectrum of Katech’s engineering experience goes well beyond race engines and the scope will surprise you.


This same design approach is especially appealing to the street performance crowd.  Many of these customers have only a concept of what they want.  They then come to Katech with their design vision and Katech works to make their concept a reality.  These “visions” can and have ranged from a new small block in historical vehicles to individuals with the latest “rage” in new vehicles, looking for a total performance upgrade.  The upfront analysis can be very analytical or can simply be a review of Katech’s extensive database.


Prototype Components

Katech has extensive CAD/CAM capabilities.  This enables Katech to manufacture “one off” pieces as well as small runs of prototypes.  Additionally, Katech has in house fabrication expertise.  Both corporate customers and specialty companies call upon Katech to design, develop and produce new components in a tight time frame.