The Katech engineering staff has a wealth of automotive knowledge and a vast array of tools to use at their disposal.  Such tools are used to provide innovative products, solve engine and driveline problems, provide solutions and results for the many complex situations which can arise daily and be a one stop solution to the engine manufacturer or the independent end user.

Katech has engineered and developed prototype engines from less than 1 liter up to 14 liters, and from 1 cylinder to 16 cylinders.  Katech produces many of these components for these engines and other powertrain applications in Katech’s machining center.

Many of the produced prototype components are functionally tested for performance and also validated for reliability.  Katech can support all or parts of the product design cycle.



Katech has been supplying top level professional race engines to the industry for over three decades, providing race winners and a multitude of championships in whom few can compare to.  Such accomplishments are detailed in our achievements page under about us.  Our customers know we are top of the line in providing professional race teams and series with the programs and products in which provide the success they all seek.  Katech engines put the issues of power and durability to rest, so leadership can focus on the car and their team.



Armored Vehicles

In the post 9/11 world, law enforcement has called on Katech to provide high output engines.  The Katech portfolio of high torque and high output engines are lightweight and born from racing experience.  The performance of the Katech street and race engines transfer directly to the armored vehicle mission of rapidly moving heavy vehicles, fully equipped troops and support gear to deal with the battle on terrorism.  Just as is with racing programs, Katech power can also accomplish these important safety missions.



Through many years of experience, Katech has worked with nearly every potential size and power level engine; from the most docile 4 cylinder to a menacing V16 producing over 1000 ft-lbs of torque and over 1000 horsepower.  In the marine world, the engine size range is similar to the automotive arena.  Much of Katech’s engine understanding and technology can be directly transferred to a marine format.

The boat does not stop there,  Katech has also enjoyed success in marine racing.  Katech’s engines have competed in Grand Prix hydroplane boats with turbo charged 500 cubic inch engines.  One year this engine configuration won the Canadian Championship and finished second in the US Championship.