CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Katech now offers its popular cast aluminum, CNC-machined valve cover design for the Gen V “LT” small-block V-8 engine, as well as complementing coil relocation brackets, to enhance the underhood appearance of 2014+ Corvettes, 2016+ Camaros and 2014+ Chevrolet and GMC full-size trucks and SUVs.

More than stylish, the raised design of the covers provides clearance for high-performance valvetrain components such as larger valve springs and rocker arms. They are also designed with easy access to the cover fasteners without removal of the ignition coils.

“Katech’s Gen V valve covers build on the functional design and style introduced with our original LS-series covers,” said Jason Harding, director of aftermarket operations, Katech. “Gen V valve covers feature an edgier design with sharper corners, mimicking the design evolution from the more rounded C6 Corvette to the well-defined lines of the C7 Corvette.”

The new Gen V covers, which list for $429.99, are CNC-machined in-house at Katech and are offered for wet-sump (with fill hole and Mobil 1 oil fill cap) and dry-sump (no oil fill provision) applications, and include the fasteners, gaskets and necessary fittings. They are also offered with slots designed to accept machined inserts (sold separately). Katech-logo inserts are offered and customized inserts are also available.

Additionally, custom powder coating is offered, allowing customers to tailor the color of the covers to the paint scheme of their vehicle.

The available coil relocation kit ($229.99) enables the coil pack to be mounted above the valve cover, for a custom appearance that puts the gorgeous valve covers on full display. Katech offers MSD plug wires ($55) for a tailored fit with the relocated coils and a spark plug boot insulator sock ($6.99/each) for added heat protection.

Katech’s new valve covers join a growing list of engine parts and engine performance packages for the Gen V LT series, as well as complete engines, including the 700 hp, naturally-aspirated Street Attack 427 engine.

About Katech

Katech was founded in 1977 by Fritz Kayl and Warren Frieze and continues to offer innovative products and cutting edge technologies in the areas of racing engines, race program support, prototyping, testing, R&D, manufacturing, high performance parts and vehicle modifications for street and track. For more information call 866-KATECH1 or visit katechengines.com.  Follow Katech: Facebook.com/KatechPerformance, Instagram: @Katech_Inc or Twitter: @KatechInc

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