Katech engines clean sweep at Belle Isle in Grand-Am & WCC. Solaris Motorsports first win!

This weekend prooved to be an exceptional one for Katech-powered race cars. Three victories at the Detroit Grand-Prix on the Belle Isle road coarse led the way for both the Camaro and Cadillac. Performing at peak efficiency in the back yard of GM headquarters, both vehicles proved more than up to the task of staving off the challenges of the competition. A Katech-equipped Lumina CR8 was also victorious in Italy for the first time with the Solaris Motorsport race team.

Rainy friday(teams did not have have a lot of time to get used to the track)


 World Challenge


The #3 Katech-powered Cadillac CTSV.R, driven by Johnny O’Connell finished 1st in both Pirelli World Challenge races this past weekend on the 14 turn, 2.1 mile temporary street circuit on Belle Isle in Detroit. A competitors’ mechanical issue at the start led to a full course caution, allowing O’Connell to move to first place. He maintained his position until the 50 minute race expired and he took the checkered flag.


“When you’re racing in front of your world headquarters, you want to do  well,” O’Connell said. “This was a race that was, in many aspects, won in  qualifying. We really put in one of my better laps this morning, and that  allowed us to get on the front row. When that start happened, I saw Randy Pobst out of my peripheral vision not go, I  knew that bad things were likely to happen. When I got into Turn Two, that’s  really the first time I took a look at what was around me and Lawson was the  only one there, so I realized it was probably pretty big. I’m grateful that  nobody got hurt.” Andy Pilgrim in his Katech-powered #8 Cadillac CTS-V.R was also on the podium.

Johnny also won the second WCC race on Sunday, Andy Pilgrim finished 4th. We’re excited,” O’Connell said. “This street race is the only place in the world where you’re guaranteed that your boss is watching you. You’re on the race track and you can see the RenCen [the GM Renaissance Center] in the background.” O’Connell and Pilgrim have had an awesome season so far, which is really the result of everyone at Cadillac Racing and Katech Engines doing their homework in the off-season.



Autohaus Motorsports took the win home in their #88 Katech-Powered Camaro GT.R. Jordan Taylor and Paul Edwards had to drive hard and push their Camaro on the narrow course at Belle Isle. Camaro GT.R program manager Jim Lutz stated, “What a tremendous win for Autohaus Motorsports, too, with Jordan Taylor and Paul Edwards in the No. 88 Camaro GT.R.. This Belle Isle course is very tight, and Taylor and Edwards had to race their way to the front under very competitive conditions. What an impressive effort.” The No. 88 Autohaus Motorsports Camaro GT.R led a class-best 35 laps, ran a clean race and grabbed the checkered flag in the shadows of the GM headquarters.

Stevenson Motorsports was also on the GT podium, Robin Liddell and John Edwards drove an excellent race. Their Katech-powered #57 Cheverolet Camaro GT.R ran flawlessly and was at the front of the pack all day. Driver John Edwards stated,  “I really enjoyed this track. My stint was far less eventful than Robin’s, although when we caught a slower DP and I was behind the Ferrari, that was the only chance I knew I had to get by him because the Ferrari was obviously very quick. Tried to take advantage of it and kind of cut down on a corner when Guy (Cosmo) got held up. Got along side of him a couple of times, but couldn’t make it happen. Then we just watched him drive away. Fortunately we were ahead of all the people that mattered as far as the championship is concerned. So, it felt like we were in a pretty good spot. On the first pit stop, we lost a couple of spots, and Robin drove hard and made up a little bit of that. Once he got close to the No. 70 car and Jordan (Taylor), being so similar on times, it was going to be pretty hard to make a move on the tight streets.”



Michael Baughman and local talent Jeff Nowicki teamed up with Mattick Chevrolet and competed in the Belle Isle Grand-Prix as well. They drove a 2007 Katech-powered Corvette C6 in the highly competitive GT division. Nowicki stated, “I’m excited to race on Belle Isle because this is my hometown. The Corvette, too, was virtually born in the Motor City. It’s a world-class sports car. The classic lines lend efficient aerodynamics and minimal drag. It’s a great platform from which to build a racecar and it has won a lot of championships. The engineers have done a great job taking the Corvette to the next level.”



Superstars Series


The Super Stars series was at Mugello circuit this past weekend.  (Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello) is a race course in the Mugello region of Italy near Florence. Its length is 5.245 km (3.259 mi), with 15 turns and a long straight. Francesco Sini started on the front row with his Katech-powered Chevrolet Lumina CR8. He pushed hard, and was able to get his maiden win in the exciting Super Stars series.



Driver Francesco Sini, can be seen here kissing the Katech Motorsports logo after it powered him to his initial victory.



Podium at Mugello


 Mike Kasatkin, Marketing Dept.

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