Katech-powered Grand-Am & SCCA race results

The Grand Prix of Miami in Homestead, FL started under a yellow flag due to hard rain and standing water on the track. Persistent rain and poor visibility led to 24 of the race’s 54 laps being run behind the pace car under yellow flag conditions. Conditions continued to deteriorate, leading race officials to halt the event 52 minutes short of the scheduled distance (2 hours, 45 minutes). The average speed was only 65.857 mph as the cars were sliding all-over the track. The rain was so bad that many of the surrounding towns around Homestead, FL were under flood warnings put out by the National Weather Service. With steady rain late Saturday morning during the scheduled time for qualifying, the session was cancelled and the starting grid was set by the point standings

Stevenson Motorsports #57: John Edwards, Robin Liddell



John Edwards and Robin Liddell were able to push through the rain and managed to grab 3rd position in the GT class. Their Katech-powered Chevrolet Camaro GT.R ran great finished 8th overall. Liddell states, “The conditions are pretty horrendous out there. But on the restart we managed to get into the lead, and then the #40 car hit me in turn 8, pushed me on the grass, so we lost a lot of spots. So that was a bit annoying. But managed to work our way back up, so not too bad.” Edwards stated, “It was a hard race just because the conditions were so treacherous. You couldn’t put a wheel wrong, you had to be really careful. It was changing conditions the whole time. For a couple of laps, the puddles would start to diminish, then more rain would come in and they’d get bigger, so you didn’t know what you had at any given time. It was a constant changing battle every lap.”

Autohaus Motorsports # 88: Paul Edwards, Jordan Taylor



The Katech-powered Chevrolet Camaro GT.R of Autohaus Motorsports finished 9th in class and 14th overall. Their finishing spot does not do the team justice, as they worked hard this weekend after encountering car issues. The team was able to sort everything out and get the #88 out on the track. The torrential downpours halted the race 52 minutes short, which left them at the back of the GT-class. Taylor stated, “There was so much spray, you couldn’t see more than two car lengths in front of you. I was trying to pop out to one side or the other, trying to get a clear view of what was going on. I couldn’t see the cars in front of me, couldn’t even see their tail lights.” The most frustrating fact was that shortly after officials stopped the event, the rain lightened and skies appeared to clear.

Cadillac Racing CTS-V.R: #3 Johnny O’Connell, #8 Andy Pilgrim


The 3rd round of the SCCA WCC took place this past weekend at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. Johnny O’Connell was able to grab 2nd place, Andy Pilgrim took 4th. O’Connell extends his GT Drivers’ Championship lead with the runner-up finish, holding a 501 to 452 point lead over teammate Pilgrim. “It was a really good race with Patrick,” O’Connell said. “With us carrying all the weight, I figured out pretty early that he was just going to try to wear me down, make me use up my tires and then have his way with me. I actually backed my pace off a little to let him get close. I figured eventually he would take a run at me going into Turn 1. We raced each other super clean, and I think the fans enjoyed that. I was just hoping for traffic that never came. You have to give it to them. They were a little bit stronger today, but shoot, with 144 pounds…we were carrying a lot of weight.

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