Katech Track Attack ZO6 ready for delivery




Katech customers are very loyal.Once they realize the high level of craftsmanship and pride that Katech employees have, they come back for repeat business. In this instance a customer came to us for a Street Attack build. Katech Performance built him an engine based on the existing LS7 platform; he then preceded to road race the car.  After attending several Katech Track Attack events and logging over 40 hours, the customer was hooked on road racing and the engine was ready for a rebuild.  Instead of going to another engine builder the customer came back for another build, a full race Track Attack LS7.

A build of this magnitude fits well with Katech, as we are experienced with building cars of this stature. Katech became famous in endurance road-racing by winning 24 hour races such as Daytona and Le Mans. This is no small feat as engines have to be extremely durable, yet maintain great power throughout the duration of the race and beyond.





To bring the build to the next level and turn this Corvette into a full Track Attack Z06 Katech scrapped the LS7 and went with a completely different engine. A strong block had to be selected, so we went with a RHS LS race block which has priority main oiling and allows the main bearings to see oil before it goes to the cam and valvetrain.  This block is made of a heavy-duty A357-T6 Aluminum, which is much stronger than the softer material used in the factory LS7 block.The RHS cylinder case has added crank clearance if a customer wants to increase stroke up to 4.600”.  A Callies Compstar crankshaft and H-beam rods were used with forged pistons that are cooled by oil squirters. The camshaft of choice for this engine is GM stage 3.  It has been proven to provide a stable valvetrain and make great power.An ARE pump and pan are used to combat oil starvation experienced in high lateral-g turns. To supply air and fuel LS7 cylinder heads and a FAST 102mm intake are fed by a huge billet throttle body and injectors.  This combination made 644 HP on Katech’s engine dyno and is track ready.













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