Katech’s ‘Track Attack 2012’ for Performance Driving Enthusiasts

Katech Inc., the leader in performance engines for driving enthusiasts and race teams, has just waved the checkered flag, completing its Track Attack 2012 enthusiast driving experience.  This is the fourth Track Attack event that the company has put together for driving enthusiasts, which was held this year at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Ill.


Track Attack 2012 featured 43 participant drivers and their guests who brought vehicles that included a broad range of Corvettes, Camaros, Porsches, and Cadillacs.  Their mission: drive their cars fast, learn from current and past racing drivers and build relationships in the performance driving community – all within the two-day timeframe of the non-competitive event. Participants came from 19 states, including California, Washington, Florida and Texas, as well as two provinces in Canada.


“We’re thrilled at both the level of participation at this year’s event and the amount of performance driving that our participants have been able to enjoy,” said Warren Frieze, General Manager of Katech Inc.  “It means that our customers and friends have had a safe, controlled outlet for their performance driving interests.”


Frieze said that, although driving skills vary among our attendees from beginner to expert, everyone is a winner at Track Attack because they come away with improved driving skills, better knowledge of the performance ability of their vehicles and a broader network of drivers and technical experts to answer their questions.


Track Attack 2012 began with a vehicle technical inspection for each participant that certified their vehicle’s performance and safety readiness.  Then, track officials took all participants through a detailed explanation of the track, its safety personnel and procedures for a safe driving experience.  In addition to classroom instruction, participants in the event’s beginner and intermediate groups were assigned a Katech instructor, who rode with them, suggested techniques and strategies to improve their performance and mentored them throughout the two-day event.  Track time was divided into three experience groups, including advanced drivers.


Katech’s staff for the event also included professional drivers Andy Pilgrim and Johnny O’Connell, both of whom drive the Cadillac CTS-V for General Motors in the Pirelli World Challenge series.


To ensure that each driver has the best track experience, Katech also provided a team of technical experts and technicians who helped them keep their cars in top performance condition.  The Katech team freely discussed performance adjustments and enhancements with car owners and helped bleed brakes, replace brake pads, adjust engine performance specs and make other tweaks and adjustments that helped tune the car to the driver.

“Track Attack is a unique opportunity for our customers to experience and safely test the performance vehicles and packages that we offer,” said Jason Harding, Director of Aftermarket Operations and the head technical expert for Track Attack 2012.  “We’re here also to ensure that they get the best performance from their vehicles at the event, and we bend over backwards to help them wring out every bit of horsepower, as well as helping them improve their vehicle’s cornering capability.”


Harding said that Katech invited a number of performance partners to participate in Track Attack 2012, including suspension and ride experts from Pfadt Race Engineering, exhaust specialists from Corsa Performance, a brake guru from Brembo and intake engineering experts from Halltech Systems.


Attendees appreciated Katech’s can-do approach to the event also.  Alexander Stemer of Chesterton, Ind., who brought a Ward Kurtis 500S to the event, said he heard about Track Attack from a friend who has a similar passion for driving:


“This company epitomizes what everybody wishes every company did, in that they really treat each of their clients here as though they are personal friends of the company,” said Alexander Stemer, a physician from northern Indiana who attended the event with a Ward Kurtis 500S.  “They don’t stop asking what they can do for you, and they don’t stop asking how they can help you – and they treat every person here like they’re a valuable person and they’re interested in you and they’d like you to come back.”


Based on the success of this year’s event, Katech’s Performance group is looking forward to sponsoring Track Attack in 2013.

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