Project Management

Katech will use defined, practiced and proven management skills to take each project from concept to production to completion. Meticulous attention to detail, quality and functionality is a Katech standard operating procedure on all levels. Quality is defined with Katech’s project management. Working closely to understand each customer’s needs, time frame and materials used is why Katech manufacturing stands above the rest.


To bring not only Katech’s but customer’s ideas to design, we use the following software:


NC Programming


Katech offers private label manufacturing for companies/clients wishing to create their own brand identity but lack the manufacturing capacity or capabilities.  Katech’s facilities allow the development of the product from concept to completion with finish, branding and packaging.  Katech will create modifications or branded versions of its own proprietary designs, develop your idea or design for your exclusive distribution and Co-develop or co-fund products for sale by both Katech and your company.


Special Note

Katech recognizes the seriousness of customer confidentiality on each individual program and will under no circumstances violate any customer confidentiality agreements.