Prototype Manufacturing


Katech’s CNC manufacturing department specializes in one-off designs and can assist with design revisions, functionality, as well as cost reduction strategy.  Katech can build these prototypes from plastic or other composite materials which can be utilized to demonstrate functionality and design concept at a low cost before moving to full production of machined parts. The software used in the manufacturing department such as Solidworks, is also a great way to demonstrate  design functionality before producing a physical part; another company cost saver.  From simple contoured parts to highly detailed shapes, we have the capability to produce what your company needs.


We have earned a reputation as an effective resource for quick turn, reasonably priced prototype parts. When production volumes are low and do not require hard tooling for manufacture on production equipment, Katech Manufacturing can find a practical solution by using our experience in prototype manufacturing. Send us your CAD, or Solidworks files and we can speed up the process of bringing your product to life and/or provide you with a quote for your Prototype Manufacturing requirements.



Whether your new product is a new invention or a product redesign, a prototype will show if the concept will work and do what it is supposed to do. Too often new designs have unexpected issues or flaws. Therefore, it is essential that a prototype, or a combination of prototype stages, be used before the manufacturing process to test the real world application of your idea. Another added benefit of a working prototype is being able to have a tangible sample of your invention, which allows for the verification of interest and appeal of the new product.