ALMS Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT1

After dominating the GTS/GT1 class in years prior, Corvette Racing debuted an all-new car, the C6.R in 2005.  Having worked closely with the production group, Corvette Racing used lessons learned in C5-R racing to influence the design of the C6 Corvette for advantages on the racetrack.  One of these changes included the large front grille opening.  Katech was once again chosen to be the engine supplier and the LS7.R 7.0L engine was developed.  It took lessons learned from the C5-R engine into the new generation and also influenced the development of the LS7 production engine.  Corvette Racing won 78 out of 110 races the team contested through October 2009.



All accomplishments are by Corvette Racing unless otherwise noted


Corvette Racing GTS/GT1 Totals