In 1983, only 6 years after the company’s founding, Katech was chosen to be the exclusive engine supplier for the International Race Of Champions series.  The IROC series was the moment which gave Katech its first company recognition.  In 1984 IROC switched from the second generation Chevrolet Camaro to the all new third generation Camaro powered by a Katech 350ci small block V8.  This wider body design gave rise to the production Camaro IROC-Z that was built from 1985-1990.  IROC continued to use the third generation Camaro body until the end of the 1989 season when their contract with Chevrolet expired.  In 1990 IROC began using the Dodge Daytona.


In 64 race attempts from 1984 to 1989, there was only one engine failure, which took place when a driver buried the car in mud and revved the engine high enough until the engine let go.  This program also was instrumental in the restrictor testing which was put in place in NASCAR and is still in use today.  The testing was fairly consistent, so the engines serviced the program very well and gave Katech great recongnition and credibility for future road racing programs.