Prior to the IRL experience, Katech was known for its road racing applications, with circle track experience isolated to Midwest based ASA series.  Through a combination of rules changes and Katech’s association with a champion ASA driver whom Katech engines were supplied to, Katech suddenly had a platform which made sense to pursue.


Katech had done a sporadic engine or two for the Busch Grand Nationals series, but only with small teams.  Katech got tied up with the Bace Motorsports Team and continued through many other top teams and the rest is history from there.  Katech won three consecutive Busch Grand National Championships as well as capturing three Cleveite Engine Builder of the Year Awards.  All of these achievements were accomplished with multiple teams with a variety of drivers.  Katech’s statistic for the five years in the series was three championships, one runner-up, 18 victories and 19 pole positions.





3 Championships

1 runner-up

18 victories

19 pole positions