SCCA World Challenge Cadillac CTS-V.R Sedan

After missing the action on the race track for nearly 50 years, the Cadillac Motor Division embarked on a mission to make their presence known by entering two cars into the SCCA World Challenge Division in 2004.  The first race at Sebring brought Cadillac back to racing with a vengeance, capturing the first and second pole positions in the race.  The team went onto three victories and got nosed out of the manufacturers championship by just a few points.


The second year proved to be more successful for Cadillac, winning four races and capturing both the manufacturers and drivers championships.  The team’s third year an immense amount of restrictions were placed on the vehicles, but Cadillac still managed to be competitive and won two more races.  Cadillac returned for one more year, again winning the manufacturers championship.  At the end of a four year run, Katech and Cadillac achieved two manufacturers championships, one drivers championship, and outstanding 38 podium finishes and an incredible 12 victories again proving to show winning and success from beginning to the end.







38 Podium Finishes

12 Victories