Open C5-R road racing engine



This beast of an engine was recently finished for a Katech customer who wanted a fully built, race capable power plant. We started out with a C5-R block for a solid foundation and we added a Sonny Bryant crankshaft, Carrillo connecting rods and custom-built Mahle 13:1 pistons for a bulletproof bottom end. A 4.125” bore matched with a 3.575” stroke turns this engine into a 382 cubic inch high rpm monster. It has a custom grind solid roller camshaft by Comp Cams with Jesel .937” solid lifters, Trend one-piece pushrods. To cope with the immense lateral g-forces of a high downforce racer, a custom 6-stage dry-sump system was designed.



The top end of this engine is equally impressive and helps make 680 HP @ 7400 rpm and 560 ft/lbs @ 5600 rpm. It has Katech C5-R heads, which were CNC ported in house and is also equipped with Del-West titanium valves and Comp Cams valve springs. The intake setup on this engine is extraordinary and allows this engine to breathe deep. Each cylinder has its’ own Harrop throttle body with an individual carbon fiber runner. This configuration allows Katech engineers to finely tune the power curve. In order to precisely control this engine, a Motec M-880 EFI system was used.











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