Pavement or Dirt, Katech continues to dominate endurance races

Katech Engines have an unprecedented reputation in road racing, winning prestigious races such as the 24 hours of Le Mans, Zolder, Daytona and Spa. A reputation for endurance can’t be earned in an advertisement or a dyno-graph.  It must be earned on the racetrack and proven year after year. Katech has spent the last 35 years building a reputation for endurance by never compromising it’s engine-building morals.

A Katech-powered trophy truck driven by the duo of Eric Vigouroux – Alex Winocq just won the 24 hours of Morocco. During this grueling event the team covered a record-breaking 1,973 km and pocketed 3 out of 4 stages of the race. For this feat, Katech Motorsports prepared a 7.0 liter LS1 which produced over 500 ft/lbs of tq. The engine performed flawlessly in the scorching 130 degree heat and sandy conditions.

The victory did not come easy, it was a very exhausting race, shared the driver and co-driver while taping their hands together. Vigouroux stated, “I could feel the heat! I have four reasons to feel very satisfied: First, this is our come back to the racing world after one and a half year away; second, we have shown that the Trophy Truck maintains its reliability and high performance level; third, Alex and I, we have done this race together as we were never apart; and last but not least, we started up again with a victory for both of us after the FIA World Cup in 2WD in 2010.”

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