The Katech 550 Engine Package













Tested Performance, Proven Power


Going to the track on a budget but can’t afford nor want to sacrifice the power plant of your race day car? No need to worry because Katech has you and your team covered. The Katech Engineering and Motorsports team have been hard at work designing, developing and testing the newest addition to Katech’s engine package lineup and are proud to present the new “Katech 550 Engine Package.”


The Katech 550 Engine Package goes far beyond the developed and precisely tweaked 550hp 6.2L LS3 and delivers more than just an assembled engine to its new owner. The 550 Engine package brings only what a select few in the world can offer at the price you can afford. Don’t make the mistake of letting this great price fool you. Behind the Katech 550 Engine is over 30+ years of master engine building, designing, development and testing experience.


Power and durability is the heart and soul for the Katech 550 Engine Package and the Katech Engineering and Motorsports Team wanted to give it the spirit of affordability. Using every bit of our knowledge, we rigorously tested the Katech 550 Engine Package to make sure it would meet Katech’s relentless demands by passing through our multiple engine dyno cells and durability programs which are second to none worldwide. You may ask, “What are these durability programs Katech uses or why are they significant?” Well for starters, the 550 utilizes Katech CNC-ported cylinder heads with a matching valve train and was tested in the Katech Motoring Cell #1. Katech knows valve train is a critical system in any performance engine which is why Katech used every bit of the 7500+ RPM Cell #1 to make sure the 550’s valve train would prove stable and reliable. No corners were cut when the 550 faced Katech’s validation test. Twelve drums of fuel and 20 hours later, the 550 had passed validation on the Katech dyno while running the simulation of the 24 Hours of Daytona. Why Daytona? The track has great advantages for validation testing with its extended power pulls between the bus stop chicane thru the NASCAR turns three and four back to turn one and then blasting at wide open throttle.


To meet the Katech standard, an engine package must not just survive the demanding validation testing, it also must survive inspection. After tear down and all components passing inspection (Katech even considered reassembling the engine to run additional hours), not only did this package meet the Katech standard, it exceeded them and is why it has been named “The Katech 550 Engine Package.” By now you must be asking, “What is the price of the 550?” Well, Katech is over-joyed to announce the price of the fully validated, dry sump 550 Engine Package at $17,999! Power and reliability all offered with affordability and no sacrifices. Inquire today so you can be racing tomorrow with the 550 as your driving force and remember, the Katech Engineering Department will bring you the data and design you desire while the Katech Motorsports Department delivers you the support all the way to the finish line!

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