Ported Supercharger

Ported supercharger and snout combined with Katech’s 103mm Throttle Body adds more than 30 rear-wheel horsepower to LT4 engines

Katech Inc., one of the world’s premier performance engine builders, today announced CNC porting services for LT4 superchargers and supercharger snouts. When combined with Katech’s 103mm throttle body, the combined ported supercharger and snout will add more than 30 rear-wheel horsepower to vehicles. Katech’s advanced CNC porting services are based on more than 40 years of engine and vehicle components building and testing.

“For enthusiasts looking to add real power and performance, and for auto shops interested in helping customers take their vehicles to another level, the combination of our ported supercharger, snout, and throttle body is a proven solution and great value,” said Jason Harding, Director of Aftermarket Operations for Katech.

“Our proprietary supercharger porting and larger throttle body create a smoother intake area, which improves airflow through the snout to the compressor and reduces heat,” Harding added. “CNC porting is a fast and affordable way to increase engine performance.”

Ported Supercharger Snout

The supercharger porting service requires customers to remove the supercharger from their engines, as well as the throttle body, supercharger bypass valve, and crossover tube. The supercharger and parts must then be shipped to Katech, where the supercharger will be disassembled, washed, CNC ported, final washed, reassembled, and oiled prior to returning to the customer.

Katech offers a supercharger shipping kit, a solution to safely transport the unit to and from porting. Porting services take two to three weeks from the time of ordering. For more information, contact Jason Harding at 866-KATECH1 or visit store.katechengines.com.

About Katech
Katech is a leading provider of high-performance components, crate engines, and vehicle packages for the automotive aftermarket. The company also serves professional motorsports programs worldwide and delivers highly machined prototypes to corporate customers. Over the past 40 years, Katech has built a reputation for extreme performance, exceptional durability, and outstanding quality. Learn more at 866-KATECH1. Follow Katech at Facebook: KatechPerformance; Instagram: Katech_Inc; Twitter: KatechInc; and YouTube: KatechPerformance.

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