Katech releases full specs on LS9.R engine

We are ready to release the full specs on our LS9.R endurance-focused road racing engine. This is based on production LS9 parts for increased cylinder block and head strength without going to an aftermarket block and includes a full race dry sump system. To do this with an RHS-based LS7 (if you include the Dailey system) would be nearly $40k.

The LS9.R features an LS9 block that is equipped with billet main caps and already machined for piston squirters. The block alloy is 317. LS9 cylinder heads are rotocast, have a more robust casting design, thicker deck surfaces, and 356-T6 aluminum alloy – same as the C5-R. Head studs are 12mm vs the standard LS’s 11mm. The valves are titanium 2.16 intake and hollow stainless steel sodium filled 1.59″ exhaust. The cylinder heads also feature bronze valve guides and proprietary processes in assembly that reduce valve guide wear. Cylinder heads are CNC ported in the intake and exhaust runner. The swirl-inducing fin in the intake port is eliminated for use in this naturally aspirated application.

The rotating assembly is equipped with a forged 4340 steel crank, steel H-beam connecting rods, and 13.0:1 compression ratio 2618 alloy hardcoat anodized pistons with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)-coated pins. The valvetrain is equipped with high speed lifters, an LS9.R-specfic camshaft, C5-R timing chain, Trend pushrods, and stock LS9 rocker arms.

The induction system is a FAST LSXR 102mm LS3 intake with Katech billet fuel rails (not pictured). The throttle body can be anything from a stock LS7, to a FAST 102mm.

The dry sump system is a Dailey 5 stage (4 scavenge, 1 pressure). The system uses a billet aluminum oil pan with four individual passages to the integrated dry sump oil pump located where the AC compressor once was. The pressure pump feeds the block via AN fitting on the side. The front cover, damper hub, sprocket, and dry sump pump gear is all manufactured by Katech to integrated the dry sump system on to the block. The front cover is anodized black. An ATI damper is used to dampen crankshaft vibrations and protect the timing chain from heavy duty road race use.

The first engine is 12.5:1 compression, but 13.0:1 compression is standard. With 12.5:1 compression we made 628hp and 551 ft-lbs. See below for a power graph.


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