Katech Expands Cylinder Head Porting Services to Include LS Engines

Expansion part of strategic vision to provide ported engine systems later this year

Katech Inc., one of the world’s premier performance engine builders, has expanded its line of proprietary CNC cylinder head porting services for several late-model General Motors LS/LT engines, including LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LT1, and LT4. The CNC porting services are available through Katech’s online store or by calling Katech at 866-KATECH1. Katech’s CNC cylinder head porting service is available for a flat rate of $499.99 per pair. New LT1 and LT4 ported cylinder heads are also available in the online store.

“We’re expanding our ported head offerings as a starting point for a line of ported-engine systems we plan to introduce later this year,” said Jason Harding, Director of Aftermarket Operations for Katech. “Porting provides great value in terms of adding horsepower per dollar, and we think adding a Katech integrated system of ported components will deliver even better performance and achieve the greatest value.”

Harding added, “Porting cylinder heads correctly requires a deep understanding of fluid dynamics – it’s not just milling the ports larger, as that can actually do more harm than good if done incorrectly. Katech’s 40-years experience in professional motorsports has given us a vast engine database and the hands-on experience to get it right.”

Katech’s proprietary porting services are available for the following engines:

  • LT1 and LT4
  • LS7: casting number 8452
  • LS3/L92/L99/L76: casting numbers 821, 823, 364, 716
  • LS2/LS6/Truck: casting numbers 243,799, 317, 035
  • LS1/Truck: casting number 241, 806, 853, 862, 706

The cylinder head porting service has two options. First, customers can remove, disassemble, wash, and ship their heads. Katech will then port the heads and send the dissembled heads back to the customer. It is not an exchange service, and customers receive the same heads back that they sent to Katech. Alternatively, for an additional fee, customers can send Katech their assembled heads, which Katech will then disassemble, port, wash, and reassemble. Katech also offers related services, such as decking, valve jobs, and in certain applications, bronze guide installation. Call or visit the Katech store for more details.

New ported cylinder heads typically ship within two days. Porting services usually take about one week. For more information, contact Jason Harding at 866-KATECH1.

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