Katech Releases Industry-First Billet A8 Trans Pan for C7 Corvettes

Katech trans pan design reduces transmission fluid temperature, shields the transmission from exhaust heat

Katech Inc., a world leader in performance engines, has introduced the first billet-machined trans pan for C7 Corvettes with the A8 transmission. The all-aluminum trans pan was designed by Katech to reduce transmission fluid temperature under extreme track racing conditions.

Katech is the only company to offer a one-piece billet version of the trans pan, eliminating welded surfaces. The unit stores more transmission fluid than the stock pan, and the proprietary design includes cooling fins on the bottom of the pan to better dissipate heat from the transmission and gold foil-lined heat shields on each side that help insulate the pan from heat radiating from the exhaust.

“Corvettes with the A8 transmission can overheat on the track, and our new trans pan is highly engineered to be part of the solution,” said Jason Harding, Director of Aftermarket Operations for Katech. “Our design is unique, and based on what we’ve learned racing and winning in professional motorsports for nearly 40 years.”

Features of the new trans pan include:

  • Two quarts additional fluid capacity
  • Integrated cooling fins
  • Gold foil-lined exhaust heat shields
  • Direct replacement part

General Motors has manufactured more than 73,000 Corvettes with the A8 transmission and will also use the transmission in 2019 models.

For Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1 owners, installing the Katech trans pan is similar to replacing a stock transmission pan. Simple tools are required, as well as RTV sealant and transmission fluid. Katech can also install the pan by appointment.

The trans pan is available through katechengines.com for $999.99. For more information, contact Jason Harding at 866-KATECH1.

About Katech
Katech is a leading provider of high-performance components, crate engines, and vehicle packages for the automotive aftermarket. The company also serves professional motorsports programs worldwide and delivers highly machined prototypes to corporate customers. Over the past 40 years, Katech has built a reputation for extreme performance, exceptional durability, and outstanding quality. Learn more at 866-KATECH1. Follow Katech at Facebook: KatechPerformance; Instagram: Katech_Inc; Twitter: KatechInc; and YouTube: KatechPerformance.



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